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Take it to the Limit

meg harper



You missed the original, but you can choose from our photo prints, stretched canvas prints and archival matted prints!

I can paint any subject that you want! You are in good hands with hundreds of commissions under my belt! From sunflower fields to mountain ranges and hummingbirds to grizzly bears, I paint it all. No matter the subject, its my mission to bring you joy and spread happiness through my artwork, and creating a deep connection with nature! Learn more!

This painting is all about going for it! Eagle medicine puts you in touch with your personal power and your ability to get to the essence of your destiny. Eagle teaches us how to leverage our energies for maximum results knowing when to conserve energy and when to let it rip! 

Original Dimensions: 24" x 24"

Original MediumCupboard door backed by tin ceiling panel

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