Ahhhhhhh The Skies The Limit

I am focusing on the gifts this strange and wacky chapter of life brings me. I am not watching news and being conscious of my thoughts and actions as best I can.  I feel very blessed to be healthy and active both body and mind.  I learned recently how to really tune into my emotions and when I need to get grounded I go to the forest and just sit and take in all the wonderful miracles surrounding me.  The plants, the insects, the spider webs, the sound of the wind through the trees all speaks to me in a calming sort of way.  Nature has always been my sort of church.  Every time I am in it I leave more grounded and refreshed down to my very core.  I don't know how to put it into science but I believe it to be true for sure. 

I had a friend Vanessa who is a naturopath tell me recently how to do a grounding exercise as well.  Stand with your eyes closed and picture flowers and plants lovingly growing up from the ground and around your feet and legs. Visualize them giving you fresh air and purity and just breath for a minute or two.  Then visualize a clear life size bubble surrounding me and protecting me from all that does not serve me. I remind myself that whatever happens to me I still get to choose my perspective surrounding it.  I tell myself I am safe and it calms me.  Then finally I picture a octopus with all it's legs reaching out and bringing back to me my healthy energy that nourishes and keeps me my energy on full tilt.  Hope this helps you too!

I am exploring new ways of being in my professional life and at home.  Most of them are for the better.  I am grateful for this slooooooower pace and am learning new things!  I am taking a course from Brendan Burchard, personal development coach, and am excited about how I will roll my new products out this fall.  

For now, I am enjoying playing in the forest and connecting with my happy place over and over again.  Hopefully you too find the silver lining in these COVID clouds.