Q:  How long will my order take to arrive? 

It varies on the product you order.  Originals will ship right away. The 11 x 14 paper prints usually ship within a week after your order is placed.  Tile Prints, purses, canvas prints are normally 2 to 3 weeks as we make them to order. Commissions take 30 days.  


Q:  How are shipping costs calculated? 

There are flat fees for certain items on the website. $10 for 1 paper print, $25 for 2 or more, $35 for canvas prints and purses, $65 for originals including insurance, packaging. When it's a special order I will give you a specific price for shipping based on where you are located and how big and heavy the box will be.  


Q:  Do you sell your work wholesale to shops? 

I love selling to gift shops! My best sellers are tile prints, paper prints and purses. Just email me and let me know what you are thinking, I'll do wholesale pricing if you have a resale number and a minimum first order of $250.00.  


Q:  Do you do commissions other than pet portraits? 

Yesssahhhh, I love a commission that's very personal and unique. I've painted everything from Abraham Lincoln, to a lexus in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, to an octopus. It's easy, share all the information you know about size, colors, feeling of the piece, etc. You can even send pictures of the wall you want to hang it on. Tell me the flavor of your home (farmhouse, modern, cabin, mid-century modern, etc.) I'm thrilled to do a home visit if I'm near the town you're in and we can discuss the where, colors, size and get really in depth.  


Q:  What do you mean by outdoor appropriate? 

Because of the surfaces we work on, how we prepare the surfaces, the paint I use, the UV protection used for outdoor murals they are totally wind, rain, sun, snow proof.  Now that being said, be smart about it, I wouldn't put it on a west face wall out in the elements but who knows, so far they've lasted 8 years in the elements with no change.  


Q: Are the tile prints really outdoor appropriate? 

Again, because of the materials we use and how we seal them absolutely.  So far, 8 years for the travertine prints outside and still kickin'.  


Q: Can I send you something to paint on? 

If you have a piece of metal from your grandpa's farm or a sign from your aunt Betty or something sentimental to you please let us see it in a photo first to make sure it's not too rusty already. Other than that, yes!


Q:  I want you to make me a purse. How does that work?

Go to the purse tab and get a feel for your options. Pick out your images for front and back from the website, then tell me about what you want on the inside. You can be as specific as you want and even ship me Aunt Bettys button collection if you want to include that in your purse. It's easy and fun!  


Q:  Do you ever do murals? 

I was a muralist for a while and enjoy painting big.  I would love to paint you a mural. Outside or Inside. That would be quoted on what you want me to paint and how big it is.  


Q: What if I'm local and I want to pick up a piece instead of shipping it? 

At the shopping cart phase when you purchase anything choose "pick up at the studio" as your option and it won't charge you shipping.    


Q:  What if I want to put several animals in a portrait? 

So much fun! You can even send me separate pictures of all of them looking their best so I can see their faces really well and I'll put it into one big portrait. $475 for one and $200 for each additional is the minimum. If you want something big, weeha I love that and yes please.  


Q:  What if I only have old printed out photos that are blurry of the pet I want you to paint?

Take a picture of it with your cell phone and email me a jpg. It's super easy, just have an 8 year old help you if you don't know, they will!!!


Q:  Will you ship a painting outside the US? 

Yes, I am blessed to have a fabulous shipper right down the road. They have been shipping my art for the last 8 years. They perform to the highest level with costs as low as possible. They have been amazing. Just give me the address it's going to and I'll get you a quote.  


Q:  If I commission you, do I pick the colors or do you? 

Either way is fine with me. I've painted both ways. You can be very specific or let me loose as they say. Either way you'll see photo's along the way to make sure I'm going in the right direction. 


Q:  What if I love everything you do but I am a die-hard canvas person.  Will you do a commission on canvas?  Of course. No worries!


Q:  What if I want you to frame something I've purchased before you mail it? We make custom frames for originals that can work with a frame.  We love it. We don't have a frame supply here at the studio for the 11 x 14s though. You'll have to frame those yourself or get a custom quote for us building you one. We love making special order corrugated tin frames too, they are very unique and look awesome!  


Q:  Will you donate a piece to our charity fundraiser? 

More than likely yes. Please email me the details and deadlines and I'll do my best.  


Q:  What if I am buying a print as a gift and the person doesn't like it? 

Well, we will do our best to trade in for another image that they may like better by checking out my website. If not, of course we will refund your money.  


Q;  If I really love a piece of art and I can't afford to pay for the whole thing at once do you do layaway plans? 

Yes, do it all the time. You'll have the option right off my website when you choose your piece. When you pay it off, I'll ship it to you.     


Q: Can I come to your home and visit your studio? 

Of course!  It's a working studio not a gallery so it's not super sexy. Just setting your expectations : ) I love sharing my home and studio with people, it's meant to be shared! Give me the heads up and make an appointment via email or text. 


Q: I saw a piece at your booth when I was at a festival and now I don't see it on your website? 

I am definitely rotating art quite a bit. I always tell people in my booth to take a picture of whatever you love because it might not be on my website. Please email or text a pic of what you saw, describe it and I'll find it : ) I have over 1600 images now and I do not display everything available on my website.   


Q: What if I want a custom size print of something on your website? 

Of course! No problem, just email or text the image title and what size you want of a paper print, canvas print or outdoor print and I'll get you a quote.


Q: Can I drop off old cabinet doors or corrugated tin or some other treasure I can't use to your studio in Mesa or at a festival? 

Yes please! People donate their unwanted materials all the time to us. We appreciate it so much as the hunt sometimes takes sooooo long. Again, just text or email so I know ahead of time and can coordinate with you.   


Q: Do you ever have "online sales" on your website? 

Once a year on Black Friday I have a 20% off one day sale. That day anything, including originals and commissions are discounted 20%.  


Q: When should I hire you if I want to give your commission as a Christmas gift? 

I would suggest by October 15th. That way I'll have plenty of time to work on your masterpiece! And remember, to hire me you only need to put a $200 down payment on your commission no matter the size. Then, you pay the balance once it's completed.