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Why Aspens?

When I am standing in a grove I feel lighter, ethereal, heavenly.  The color of white bark feels energetically uplifting in and of itself and when you add the warmth of the yellow green leaves, oooh yeah. When the quaking sound begins a soothing vibrational energy brings me back to peace. Lastly, it is the largest living organism on earth connected at the roots, gotta love community!!!  

Why Sunsets?

Our skies create the highest vibrational color moments at sunset and sunrise.  They contain the most concentrated color combinations giving us the biggest dopamine hit (a drug our bodies produce to make us feel good).  They fill our spirits with awe and wonder.  

Why Mountains?

They are grounding and powerful.  They represent stability and eternity, stillness.  They give us strength and are a constant reminder of freedom and adventure.  Being in the mountains is a great way to refresh and reboot, gain clarity and feel closeness to God.

Why Copper?

Copper was the first metal to be widely used by humans. Healers have believed that copper is capable of transferring energy to aid the healing process.  It is the giver of positivity and goodness as well as the giver of good luck in various endeavors. Some even believe it protects you from negative energy in your environment.