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As an artist deeply rooted in the embrace of nature, I've always believed in the transformative power of art, not just as a form of self-expression but as a beacon for healing our planet. My journey from the lush forests of upstate New York to the "canvas" of my artistic... Read More

Welcome to my enchanting world! There's a unique alchemy at play that makes each piece not just a purchase but a transformative experience. What sets my paintings apart? It's a combination of a deep connection to animals and nature, an affinity for a high vibrational color palette, and the therapeutic magic that... Read More

Embarking on this artistic adventure 15 years ago, the journey of Meg Harper Art has been nothing short of a vibrant masterpiece, painting the canvas of my life with creativity and connection. Over these years, I've had the joy of sharing over 1600 paintings and bringing to life 640 unique... Read More

In the tapestry of life, our homes are the canvases upon which we paint our stories, dreams, and emotions. While it's tempting to match our sofas with our wall art, there's a profound beauty in selecting pieces that evoke the emotions we crave. Let's delve into the transformative power of... Read More

I'm thrilled to share why bringing a piece of my eco-conscious art into your world is not just a purchase but a green journey into a joyful dance of colors and emotions. Picture this – my art not only tells a story on all sorts of fun surfaces but also contributes... Read More

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