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The main reason you have a portrait of your pet painted is to show love and pay tribute to your furry baby.  They give you unconditional love and therefore hold a special place in your world especially when they are no longer by your side.  A pet portrait is the... Read More

Feb 20, 2023   

Mom and Dad

I was feeling a bit nostalgic this morning.  Thinking of love and how important it is. We just had Valentines Day and that always makes love BIGGER in my thoughts.  I am blessed to have had both of my parents together my whole life.  They were not the most touchy... Read More

Nov 07, 2022   

Southwest Wildlife Rescue

 About 8 years ago now I decided that I would like to contribute, help bring awareness to, and donate money to wildlife rescue places in the west. My goal is to help heal our planet so helping to heal the animals on the planet are in perfect alignment. I feel as though I... Read More

Apr 11, 2022   

My Rock Star Evening

I am blessed to say my paintings have been sold in the Ian Russell Gallery now for 3 years.  It's located right on Whiskey Row in downtown Prescott, AZ on the square.  Its been an incredible ride that started during a paint out.  I participate in the Phippen Museum Art Festival... Read More

I had someone come in my booth recently and they said Jackalopes originated in the 30's in Douglas, Wyoming.  I just looked it up and they were right, according to wikipedia anyway.  I guess 2 brothers who were hunters and knew taxidermy sold the very first one to a hotel there. ... Read More

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