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I am focusing on the gifts this strange and wacky chapter of life brings me. I am not watching news and being conscious of my thoughts and actions as best I can.  I feel very blessed to be healthy and active both body and mind.  I learned recently how to... Read More

I love my Prince Albert Peach Tree - he is 6 years old now!  The first year we could make one pie off of his peaches now I've made 5 and still going!!  We felt naming the tree would help him feel the love and grow even better and I... Read More

May 01, 2020   |  0 comments


In this last couple weeks I've had fear and doubt sitting on my shoulders more than I'd like to admit.  Each day has been a rollercoaster of unsettling emotions mixed with gratitude with a twist of joy.  Being conscious of my thoughts is HUGE! I feel like I got the... Read More

Mar 30, 2020   |  0 comments

Henry David Thoreau

Back story:  This place holds a very special place in my heart.  It is the view from a cabin where I spent many summer afternoons playing with a dear group of friends from high school. It is in upstate NY and is called Hunt Lake.  In the middle of nowhere... Read More

Feb 26, 2020   |  0 comments

Juicy Livin'

Sooooo about 5 years ago Tory and I were introduced to this phrase by our dear friends Wendy and Larry - I have to give them credit for introducing this to Tory and I.  It symbolizes really enjoying your life and carpe diem and let's rock this and you get... Read More

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