Brushing with Inspiration: The Prolific Journey of Meg Harper

As an artist, the question I'm often asked is, "What motivates and inspires you to paint sooooooooo prolifically?" The answer is woven into the very fabric of my creative journey – it's about the lives I touch, the joy I bring, and the commitment I've made to be a light in the world through my paintings.

What fuels my prolific nature is the anticipation of positively impacting people's lives. I truly mean that. I envision my art adorning the walls of homes, becoming a source of daily inspiration and joy for individuals from all walks of life. The thought of my paintings becoming a cherished part of someone's world is a powerful motivator that propels me into each new creation.

Unlike waiting for a specific mood or moment to strike, I paint with intention and purpose. I pick up the brush when I'm angry, sad, or even pissed off because I believe that art has the transformative power to transcend emotions. It's not about creating the same circumstances; it's about remaining agile and open to the diverse range of emotions that life brings.

My prolific output is a deliberate choice to not get stuck in repetitive patterns. I have an agreement with the creator to be a light in the world through my paintings, and I am committed to keeping up my end of the bargain. This commitment pushes me to explore new themes, experiment with different styles, and push the boundaries of my artistic expression.

I don't dwell on creating the same images repeatedly. Instead, I embark on the journey of crafting whole new pieces, each one a unique story waiting to unfold. This constant evolution not only keeps my creative process dynamic but also ensures that each painting is a fresh, vibrant addition to the body of work.

Painting between 90 to 100 pieces a year might seem like a formidable task, but for me, time flies when I am immersed in the act of creation. It's not a matter of counting the hours; it's about losing myself in the flow of creativity, letting each stroke be guided by the energy of the moment.

In conclusion, my motivation to paint prolifically is deeply rooted in the belief that art has the power to be a force of positivity in the world. I paint with the intention of bringing joy, sparking inspiration, and keeping my promise to be a light in the world. Each stroke is a step toward fulfilling that commitment, and as time flies in the realm of creativity, I find joy in knowing that my art is contributing to a brighter, more colorful world for all.

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