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About Meg Harper's Fantabulous World

Our Mission at Meg Harper art is to bring joy to young and old who call animals kin, love kickin’ colors and who share a deep connection to the earth. Repurpose, recycle, reuse. Living our dream!!  

Meg Harper loves transforming things. Mostly, her favs are minds and materials.  Her sisters Barb and Cindy plus Tory love to hunt the already loved once items at thrift shops and the Restore. Sometimes people even donate unwanted treasures to us, we love that! Meg wanted to help the planet in a big way through her art. “It feels so good to transform washing machine lids into fine art”. She loves watching peoples’ minds be blown when she tell them it’s on a washing machine lid, they laugh usually. She said “I usually laugh too, it’s still funny when I say it. Perfect. My scheme is working.” 

She is inspired to create art by her love of gardening, bike riding, yoga, hiking and nature, those reasons plus her family, high lighting of course “her partner in time”, Tory. My Everything. Together we all do our part to surprise and thrill as many people as is possible one painting at a time.  

Gratitude is where it’s at. Thank you everyone for helping to grow the glorious ripple this type of art creates. It’s important to be a light in the world. You matter. We all have opportunities to make choices every day are either in alignment with using less + recycling more or they are not. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. She said “I just do the best I can every day and remember I am enough”.  

"Nature inspires. It represents the truest essence of beauty. It has the power to influence people’s moods in ways no other subject matter does. To me it’s perfect. Growing up surrounded by the forest and mountains of the Adirondacks in upstate New York solidly routed my reverence with nature. It was very accessible to me and is where I spent most of my time and where I still feel closest to God. Fast forward about 20 years and wrap that up with my obsessions with; being different, vibrant color, movement, patterns, then sprinkle it with faux painting techniques and you’ve got a Meg Harper original. I believe vibrant colors influence our moods and make us feel good. I thoroughly enjoy bringing fun, laughter, joy, peace and happiness to the faces of people who see my paintings." –Meg Harper

Meg grew up playing in the Adirondack forests of upstate N.Y. with her dog Sam, which solidly planted her reverence for nature and her love of animals. In 1986, she was awestruck with the expansiveness and beauty of the west and settled in Mesa, Arizona in 1988. 

“All my time in nature is a reset for my psyche,
every animal interaction a healing drug” –Meg Harper

Her playful interest in art began at her childhood dining room table where creativity was encouraged and hours would fly by. Meg received her BA in painting in 1988 from SUNY Cortland in NY. After 15 successful years in the ad biz honing her design and composition muscles, Meg launched her fine arts career.

Her joy-filled work strengthens the therapeutic feelings we receive when we truly connect with healing essence of nature and the animal kingdom. All her subjects are close-up and personal because that way you connect at a deeper healing level immediately.

She heightens the experience yet another notch by incorporating reused materials instead of canvas, reminding us how our choices affect the planet while simultaneously creating a feel-good choice for environmentally conscious consumers. Her collectors not only get to have conversations about the subject matter but also inspire others to make choices better for our planet. Many of her pieces are even outside appropriate revolutionizing the outdoor art category. 

“Transformation of minds and materials”

Over 1000 original paintings have been sold in 9 years including 300+ commissions. Meg's press coverage maintains steady growth with over 30 news articles and several radio and TV interviews under her belt so far.  

Meg's award-winning art continues to be “featured” in art festivals in the west as her notoriety is delightfully infectious. The moment you look at her work you are transformed, your spirit lifted. She says she is addicted to giving joy. She never tires of sharing that emotion with the world.

"I received the art piece Cowpoke Flo from my love and I Love HER. He picked this piece for me because I grew up on a farm in a small town in the center of Kansas. I now live in Kansas City but will forever be a farmers' daughter. Thanks for creating such a fun piece of art."
Gaylene H.

Meg Harper has her BA in Painting from the State University of New York at Cortland and has been painting for over 20 years.


Meg's Giving Back

Meg makes every effort possible to say "yes" to all requests to donate artwork supporting animal welfare organization fundraising and gives generously with deep appreciation for the causes who ask her. It is her goal to join forces with one animal welfare organization and have a portion of her proceeds donated to them exclusively.  

Petcasso Event

I am doing this again for 2015 – I did it in 2013 as well. I couldn’t find the info for this years event yet.

WHODUNNIT Event in Jackson Hole, WY

7th Annual anonymous Art Sale. Through the Jackson Hole Arts Association: Helps support Art Education in the Jackson Hole Community. March 6th is the event at the Center of the Arts Theater Lobby at 5:30pm. I am donating a 6 x 6 original painted canvas that will be auctioned off without my name on it.

Sedona Art Festival Scholarship & Art Program Fundraising

I donated a piece of art to help out this great organization!

5th Annual Power of the Purse

Purse donation for auction October 11th, 2015. Beautitudes Campus Foundation: Phoenix, AZ

What Meg’s Collectors Are Saying

"I love the painting. It was more than I ever thought it could be, it hangs in our family room and I smile every time I look at it. The rooster I bought at the festival is in the kitchen too! Thank you so much, you did such a great job capturing our fur-kids!" –Julie

"It was so perfect! I couldn't believe how beautiful the colors were and how detailed the accents were when I saw it in person! You really did an awesome job capturing the appearance and character of the dogs." –Kelsey


"They LOVE it! Kept commenting on how perfectly you captured their personalities (just as you did with my babies). A complete success, again. Thank you!" –Jenna

"We LOVE our Star of the Show, and it is much admired. It was hung temporarily over the mantel in the living room. Though not the perfect place for it, it is still holding that place of honor." –Marjorie

"I absolutely love it! The color, the deer eyes are perfect and so aptly titled Captured Innocence, just beautiful. We are going to frame it and hang it next to the fireplace. That's where I think it's going to go. It arrived in great shape too, and there was a little enclosure card with a painting of a jack rabbit on it. Thank you so much, it's so much more than I expected and I truly love it." –Jean

"I wanted to tell you that I am absolutely enamored with your art. I LOVE your whimsical, bold, colorful style. Simply amazing!" –Merry

"I think I forgot to let you know that we got the painting and we love it! It's even better than the picture! Merry Christmas and thanks for helping to make our Christmas jolly!" –Patty

"I received it yesterday and of course, had to open it! It is absolutley beautiful and I thank you so much for putting Nakku on canvas for us! He is gorgeous! Thanks a million!" –Myrna

"She is beautiful and THANK YOU!!! Well, it has been a great experience having you paint Olive. She is so special to us and we wanted to have someone paint her that really saw the picture... and listened to what we wanted on our pet picture...the painting LOOKS JUST LIKE HER! It even captures her personality; playful, loyal and precious!!!" –Julie

"We LOVE it!!!! Wonderful job capturing her spirit; perfect eyes; ears; black "diamond" on her forehead; love the water; love the ball; love the sky." –Wendy

"The mural looks so fantastic! It exceeded my expectations - ( I knew anything you did would be super fabulous!) Thanks so much! It is so wonderful I can hardly stand it! - Perfect!" –Kristin, Domestic Bliss, Mesa, Arizona

"We absolutely love our painting. You are so full of life as reflected by your paintings. We really like the bright and cheery colors and have decided to bring more of that into our home." –John and Bea Redd

"When I look at your painting it transports me to another place. I feel peaceful, gracious, beautiful, unique and alive. Your paintings mark a point in time for me too, and are tied to certain memories or feelings. From what you shared about the painting I purchased I know that the abundance of flowers were there after a very rainy winter. So I see it as the bright side/reward after the challenges of the rain were endured."

"Meg has a way of capturing nature’s beauty on canvas that tricks you into thinking that the picture is alive. Her paintings make my spirit dance." 

"Peaceful and relaxing. The painting with the frame makes me think of days when life was less complicated. It reminds me of camping out somewhere at night there are still stars and serenity."

"I feel a sense of beauty, the magnificence of nature and life. Other words: vibrant, fun, funky."

"Your art reminds me of you: vivid, freely expressed and unique." 


Featured in Phoenix Magazine

 Phoenix Magazine features Meg Harper Art

Meg's Trademark

meg harper arts trademark


Cover Art!!! 

Meg Harper Cover Art Dog Paintingmeg harper art dog magazine article

Yayyyyy, the publisher met me at a show in florida and kept my contact information for 5 years!!!  He called and asked me if I'd like to be on the cover of a dog themed issue.  Woohooo!