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Pet Portrait (Deposit)


Thanks so much for the opportunity to paint your beloved fur baby!

I am classically trained and can paint your dog, cat, horse, donkey, rabbit or all 5! You are in good hands with over 200 portraits under my belt! Here are simple things to keep in mind:

1. Size and prices:

12" x 12" = $475
16" x 20" = $475
20" x 24" = $875
24" x 30" = $1500
30" x 36" = $2500

Plus approximately $65-$100 for packing, shipping and insurance. 

Simply push the "Add to Cart" button below with the $200 deposit.

I'll email a balance invoice when the portrait is completed to your 100% satisfaction.

2. Photos: Email me your favorite jpgs with the pet's face as clear as possible.

3. Time frame: is 30 days approximately from when I receive a down payment, jpg, etc. 

4. Feeling of portrait: Feel free to share any adjectives that describe the feel of the painting you are wanting (fun, sophisticated, silly, regal, etc.)  Some people email photos of the wall it will hang or other art in the room, etc.  

• Additional Animals: Single animal portraits start at $475 with $200 extra for each additional animal. You can email me separate photos for multiple animal portraits.
• Surfaces: My focus is reclaimed materials with cabinet doors or corrugated tin available almost all the time.  Traditional gallery wrapped canvas where the painting goes over the sides is also available. 

• Start Date: Once deposit and photo(s) are received I am officially hired. 

• Will I see the portrait before you finish? About halfway through the portrait I'll email a photo so you can make any changes or suggestions.  

• Will it look like my animal? YES, it will be different colors than you are used to seeing but it will look just like your pet!

Infinite gratitude!
     ~ Meg ~

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