Welcome to my enchanting world! There's a unique alchemy at play that makes each piece not just a purchase but a transformative experience. What sets my paintings apart? It's a combination of a deep connection to animals and nature, an affinity for a high vibrational color palette, and the therapeutic magic that unfolds in the process.

For those with a strong bond to animals and nature, my art becomes a portal into a world where the wild and the whimsical coexist. The magical feeling of being in the presence of a wild animal is translated onto the painting, capturing the essence of untamed beauty. It's more than a painting; it's a glimpse into the soul of nature, a connection that goes beyond the frame.

My use of a high vibrational color palette is like a symphony for the eyes. The bold, vivid hues lift the spirit and evoke a sense of joy. The belief in the healing power of color is not just artistic intuition; it's grounded in the idea that high vibrational colors elevate our emotional state. This is science, this is energy, we are all energy!  When we vibrate at a higher frequency, we feel better – a concept woven into the very fabric of my art.

Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, my creations offer therapy without the need for a sofa. The transformative power of my art lies in its ability to evoke emotions, spark joy, and transport the viewer to a different mental space. It's a visual journey that becomes a sanctuary for the mind, offering solace, inspiration, and a momentary escape.

My commitment to the healing power of nature extends to the materials used. The all-metal paintings, UV protected and sealed, can be hung outdoors. This fusion of durability and artistry allows individuals to bring the magic of Meg Harper's creations into their outdoor spaces, transforming not just minds but also materials and backyards.

In essence, choosing a one of my paintings is an invitation to elevate your space and your spirit. It's a conscious decision to surround yourself with the therapeutic energy of nature, high vibrational colors, and the magical allure of wild animals. My paintings are not just about the subject on the surface; they are about creating a visual symphony that resonates with the soul, bringing joy, healing, and a touch of the magical into your world.

I am addicted to giving you joy through my paintings.  I am grateful each and every day I have the opportunity to do so!