Bison vs. buffalo and so much fun!

Important animal name distinction time:  It's bison not buffalo - in the US anyway.  That was a good lesson for me however many years ago I learned that fact.  I was brought up calling all bison buffalos.  It's definitely a thing in the US.  Almost everyone I know calls them buffalos.  So how do you tell the difference?  Bison have large humps at their shoulders and bigger heads than buffalo.  Water buffalos are the only buffalos in the US.  Water buffalos horns are long and curved in a crescent shape.  Bison's are shorter and sharp.

Enough said about that distinction.  Hopefully, the next time it comes up in conversation you will use the right word but if not, no worries. I screw it up all the time.  I am getting better though.  

This photo is from Mountain Fair 2021 in Carbondale, Co,  They celebrated 50 years of the festival this year and everyone came out and really had so much fun.  There was music and make up and lots of gold colored outfits everywhere.  The vibe of that show is so amazing and Fun with a capital F.  The whole community gets involved and they play like there is no tomorrow.  I had to take part of the fun of this guys bison hat and have him stand next to my painting.  He was such a good sport and was thrilled to play along.  I think because we didn't have a fair last year they were even more excited to participate.  I laughed and danced and enjoyed the vibe so much. I am grateful to be apart of that community and I can't wait for next year!  Yayyy Mountain Fair!

So the added fun part is that I sold this painting to an art teacher in town who was head over heels about it.  She loved it so much and was in tears when we made it happen.  It's forever home will be so glorious and I am grateful she loved buffalos, I mean bison.  

So the next time you see these magnificent creatures out in a pasture somewhere looking so regal and strong remember they are Bison.  Our American history is linked to them so much - I love my home on the range where the deer and the antelope play.  I get nostalgic when I see them.  Hard to believe they just eat grasses and plants all day long.  Go BISON!