Colorado puts the wild in wildflowers

When you are taking a walk in the woods you never know what you are going to see and smell.  I love that mystery and anticipation.  I treasure walking around a bend and being surrounded by fields of purple, pink, orange, blue, and yellow.  The colors and combinations are so beautiful.  The magic these tiny flowers bring to my soul is amazing.  I am grateful they flourish in the forests of Colorado where I walk in the summer.  What I really want to do is put down a blanket in the middle of these fields and just live there forever surrounded by all this splendor.  But alas, it is fleeting and I must take it all in while I can.  The smells are divine!  I love when I am walking and get hit with a bliss smell of pine and earth and flowers all combined into an intoxicating aroma.  You can't buy that in a store.  I close my eyes and it takes me away to a connection where all is calm and peaceful. 

This particular forest was not far from Denver in between Bailey and Fairplay in the national forest.  We were fortunate enough to spend time there watching chipmunks and squirrels scurrying about.  We even saw a deer gracefully walking across an open field right in front of our campsite. What a thrill that we both can exist in the same forest. We treasure mother nature and adore just taking it all in.  Walks are plentiful and the silence of the forest is golden.  I always feel so good when I am in the forest.  My senses are heightened and there is always something beautiful to look at.  

My favorite smelling flowers are the wild rose.  They are the pink ones up front in this pic.  They are so delicate and smell so sweet.  There are so many wild rose bushes in the forest we were in!  Thank you for your sweet gift!  

All this to say that mother nature is so inspiring.  That is why I paint animals and nature.  When I am in the forest I feel so good and I want to give a little spoonful of that gift in my paintings.  Our connection to this splendor is not always readily available so my paintings help you keep the goodness in your heart and in your home.  May you be blessed enough this summer to take a walk in the woods and notice all the many tiny gifts along the way.  Take time to smell the roses as my mom would say. Thanks mom for inspiring me to be present to all this wonder!