In this last couple weeks I've had fear and doubt sitting on my shoulders more than I'd like to admit.  Each day has been a rollercoaster of unsettling emotions mixed with gratitude with a twist of joy.  Being conscious of my thoughts is HUGE! I feel like I got the wind knocked out of my sails. I have fear of the future and what our NEW reality is going to look like. Am I enough to handle all this?

Next time I/you think we are not enough here is a good question. Why are we holding on to this thought pattern?  Usually our thought patterns are getting in our way.  Why are we holding on to it? How is this fear serving us? It's not.  What do we want our new story to be? Will this belief bring us to my charmed life?  Will it help us reach our goals?  Will it add to joy?  Usually not.  What would we need to believe to get us to our charmed life? I will choose LOVE. LOVE is always the answer.  How can we love each other more?  How can I love myself right now?  What do I need to be in LOVE right now?  Those are great questions to ask.  When I focus on LOVE I can feel my body relaxing.  That's how I can tell this the healthiest choice.  

These are my parents below.  They weren't the gushy kind of couple by any stretch. They stuck together because that's what they did. They persevered and were going on 70 years of marriage.  Through thick and thin they were LOVE.  They would still be married but my dad died 2 years ago now. They would bicker and yell and they always came back to LOVE.  I AM ENOUGH to be a light in this world and to keep choosing sunshine.  To come back to LOVE even when I stray.  And to remember this is not something I earn or get only when I deserve it.  It is always there for me, undying.  Like the moonlight or the sun coming up every day, I AM Enough!!!  I am LOVE. 

Thanks mom and dad for sticking together and always being there for me.

May my art be a reflection of this intention to be enough, to be LOVE.  May I continue to be a channel that allows light in the world.