I love healthy things

People look at me and ask me what I am doing to look like I do at 55.  They assume I am on a very restricted diet and exercise all the time.  Well, kinda but . . . I am so blessed to be naturally attracted to healthy foods, colors, activities so it doesn't seem like it's very hard to me!  What a gift indeed. I recently found out I was eating foods I am allergic to every day, dairy mostly, so I've eliminated all that. It's amazing how well my body functions without it : )  I have so much energy, it's incredible really.   

One of my guilty pleasures is using fresh ginger almost every morning in my green smoothie.  Right now my smoothie ingredients are celery, fresh blueberries, flax seed, hemp seed, moringa powder, maca powder and spirulina.  I like to add brewed tea for my liquid, this morning it was liquorish tea. I am mostly on a KETO and anti inflammatory diet so no night shades, sugar, grains, beans, and dairy.  What do I eat?  Mostly meat and veggies in various shapes and sizes.  And the good news is I love eating all that so it's easy for me.  I don't feel like I am on a diet.  I am gaining weight and muscle if anything : ) 

As far as exercise goes I have a repertoire of several activities I enjoy; hiking, water aerobics, biking, paddle boarding, yoga and weight lifting.  I allow myself the joy of choosing every day which one I want to do so I don't feel so bogged down.  I have found a great app. for yoga on line "down dog" and my local yoga studio fav Yoga Nirvana in Tempe.  I am using a weight lifting you tube woman Sydney Cummings for my strength training.  She rocks!  I can feel my muscles building.  I love the feeling of being healthy and having energy to do what I want in this lifetime.  It feels good to feel good. 

Oh, and I am NOT on any pharma whatsoever!  Not gonna do it, can't make me : ) 

My closing words of wisdom:  Follow your bliss, do things you love, move your body, pay attention to how what you eat feels in your body!!!!