Juicy Livin' Sooooo about 5 years ago Tory and I were introduced to this phrase by our dear friends Wendy and Larry - I have to give them credit for introducing this to Tory and I.  It symbolizes really enjoying your life and carpe diem and let's rock this and you get the point. It means believing you are meant to have a marvelous ride on this planet and really being conscious about creating that feeling everyday.  We all talked about writing a book someday that would outline the steps you would need to have Juicy Livin' be alive and well in your lifetime. We haven't started it yet, but who knows what might happen in the future!!!   When we toast to something with our friends it we say "juicy livin".  It's in our blood, it's in our brains! We even have taken it to the next level in that we have 5 orange trees on our property and have given countless people our oranges which are juicy and delicious!  I give them out at festivals and someone said to me "you don't want to be known as the orange girl do you?"  I thought about it and said to myself, hell yeah!  Orange is a phenomenal color first of all, it represents social confidence, success, happiness and balance.  These are all words I'd like to aspire to be for sure. Some days I feel I embody them real well : )  Our oranges are so frigin' sweet and juicy, seriously awesome and yessssah of course I'd like to be sweet and juicy!!  So . . .  yesssah call me "orange girl" because it really embodies everything I am about in this world.  Juicy Living is alive and well in my world on more than 2 levels at least! Try it on, see how it feels, does "juicy livin'" inspire you?  Where could your life be more juicy?  Share, tell me.  Let's do this!!