I think I was around 4 when I did this  .. . . My sister Barb found it tucked away somewhere folded up in an envelope.  You can tell my sunshiny disposition started at a very young age.  When I look at it now it still brings me joy.  I love the big smiles!  I like how one persons' eyes are very big and the other is just dots.  Even back then I loved to vary my technique and not get caught up in doing the same thing over and over.  Triangle shapes for legs and arms on the one on the left too but not the right. Hilarious and nostalgic.    

My first real painting was copying the album cover of the movie Risky Business with Tom Cruise.  He had those super cool Ray Ban sunglasses on.  I can still see it in my minds eye.  OMG, I had a crush on him so bad.  Thanks for inspiring me to paint Tom, I appreciate it. I think I painted it before I went to college and it hung in my dorm room.  Who knows where it lives now??  That is a great way to get started painting too.  Try and copy an image you love.  You start to train your mind to look at something and then transfer it onto canvas.  Good practice for sure.  

I wonder what how this drawing would be analyzed by a professional?  What does it say about me?  I recently had a psychic reading in Prescott, AZ and she told me I had been on the planet for 5532 years or something close to that.  She said she saw my drawings on the walls of ancient caves and that I'd been doing this a very long time.  Comforting, no wonder it comes to me pretty easily and that I love it so much. During my very first art class in college I felt comfortable and capable, I had finally found my happy place.  Little did I know I had been doing it for thousands of years.  Mind Blowing!  

I truly did love doodling and dabbling in crafty things as a kid.  Mom would be so good to get me out the glue and paper and such.  I remember using magic markers for hours on end coloring in this or that.  My little soul was so happy to be creative.  We still need to get our creative juices flowing! We still need to let our creative soul free.  It helps us in so many ways.  Being creative is a release.  It is therapy!  Please give yourself the freedom to enjoy whatever comes out of you, judge less and have more fun!!