My best collectors buy out of my garage

I had carried around this original for longer than usual and I couldn't figure out why?  Do more people need to see it? Was it because I used pink loud and proud? (I LOVE using a deep pink in paintings so much) Sometimes I think it's just that more people need to see it because my work makes so many people feel good.  Why not have it at more festivals so more people can connect with it and feel good.  It is called "Forever Friends".  Remember when you were young and you'd sign your notes to your best friend with bff?  I do. That is what I was trying to say in this piece.  Both ravens and crows mate for life and their families stay together and help one another.  It's a beautiful thing indeed.   Is it waiting for someone special?  You just never know "the why" in this crazy art business.  And I've gotten better at being okay with that uncertainty, on good days anyway.  I did notice I haven't sold as many ravens during COVID, another weird and wonderful fact.  I thought maybe that was it - people just aren't vibing with ravens right now because they need comfort and joy.  Ravens aren't that for many people.  Who knows right?  The stories we tell ourselves when we try to find meaning when there really isn't any.

And then in walks Kathy. She has been a collector of mine since 2008.  We met at a very small craft show in Strawberry, AZ.  I haven't done that show again since.  She has had me paint several of her dogs and she is a dear person.  Usually someone she works with picks up her commission and I don't get to see her ever.  This time she came to the house to pick it up and we got to talking.  I asked her what her favorite animals were besides dogs and she said ravens.  I took her out to my garage where the painting was and showed it to her and she immediately fell in love.  Like really fell in love.  It was a beautiful thing and I am so grateful I didn't sell it to anyone else.  It clearly was meant for her.  Life is funny like that.  So none of my stories were correct and that's okay.  My forever friends found their forever home.  It makes me so happy to know they went to her : )