My Rock Star Evening

I am blessed to say my paintings have been sold in the Ian Russell Gallery now for 3 years.  It's located right on Whiskey Row in downtown Prescott, AZ on the square.  Its been an incredible ride that started during a paint out.  I participate in the Phippen Museum Art Festival every Memorial Day weekend in Prescott.  They do what's called a "paint out" to raise money for the museum during the art festival.  All artists who sign up go to a specific area by the courthouse and set up their easels and paint for 1 hour.  During that one hour you are parked next to other artists doing the same thing as you.  You are nervous and excited and it's a thrill needless to say.  I was standing next to Ian Russell during that hour and he and I clicked.  Instant connection and the rest is history or HERstory as I like to say.  Ian and his fabulous crew have been selling my paintings and prints so well that I have pulled my work out of other galleries to give my precious inventory to them.  They do business better than any other gallery I have connected with and I am grateful : ) 

Fast forward 3 years and many conversations later.  Ian told me about a special event they do with artists where a whole body of work is completed and not shown anywhere else until they are on line at the gallery and then live in person at the gallery for a period of time.  He thought I was ready and so did I!  Doing 16 additional paintings just for his gallery was a very big deal for me.  I was so excited to be apart of this event and finished my sweet 16 in plenty of time for my big debut.  

I was participating in an art festival that same weekend in Carefree so my sweet husband took care of sales in Carefree while I drove up to Prescott for the night.  I stayed at a fabulous hotel in town and treated myself to a delicious dinner and strolled into town for the gallery event.  On my walk to the gallery I was going over how grateful I was for this opportunity and how I prayed people would love my images.  I was blown away by how great the gallery looked with all my pieces up!  I had never seen so many originals up any where other than my booth. All the sales people were so kind and I really got to deepened my relationship with them and give them tips on how I describe the work and what how I answer certain questions.  My work is not the usual so it takes a minute to explain.  I fell right into a good vibe with people coming and going and taking time to look and feel the joy.  I never tire of receiving that LOVE jolt by seeing the joy my paintings bring other people.  It reassures me I am meant to be a light on this planet and bring up peoples vibrations.  All in all the evening was very special and can't wait for next year when it'll be even better.  Thank you everyone who came to see me!  I appreciate your support and I am grateful!  Thanks Ian and your whole crew for the love!