The magic of seeing wildlife

Wildlife from the very word itself means life that is wild.  It's such a blessing to be in existence with all the many creatures in the forest.  The fact that we can both live in harmony mostly is miraculous when you think about it.  We share this amazing planet with so many other creatures who are living and breathing such a completely different life from us. They are a reminder for me of the purest form of existence.  They know how to just take what they need and live in harmony with their surroundings.  They need so little to be happy.  

We were camping next to a lake and had hoped to see some wildlife while we were there.  Right before sunset is usually the best time to see them as they make their way back to the safety of their dens for the night.  They are on the hunt for dinner or whatever they do.  They seem to have purpose, maybe getting a drink. I was their 4 nights and no sight of anything.  I had my friend Melissa visiting and I was so hoping we could see something while she was there.  Nope.  The night after she left was when I saw this gathering happening.  

This group was pretty big.  Probably 5 adults and the kids were by themselves, 3 total.  They were so rambunctious running back and forth across the road frolicking and trying to use up all their kid like energy.  I came around a corner on my way back to the campsite and bam they were all in the same area but doing different activities.  They older ones were just hanging out by the shoreline enjoying the view and loving all the water I am sure.  Their ears were tagged so someone is keeping track of them.  The kids were running around just like kids do completely separate from their parents. 

When you think about it they are pretty similar to us in many ways.  The social groups and who ends up interacting with who resembles our human patterns so much. I guess we do have a lot of similarities with them.  We both enjoying being in community and hanging out with the ones we love. We both want to keep our loved ones safe and enjoy being playful.  If they are wildlife are we tame life?  I am not sure but I know I learn so much from watching them.  I love what I bliss hit I am left with when I see them.  I think about them for days and treasure the feeling I am left with.  Do they feel the same when they see humans?  I think not.