Trees, glorious trees

I love the forest so much and I take every opportunity to share and educate people on how we can be good stewards and continue to keep them healthy!!!

I thought this would be great timing because I've just donated to the National Forest Foundation in Missoula, Montana  Yayyyy! Every time someone buys an original painting of mine I donate 10 trees to be planted through this organization.  Last year we planted almost 700 trees~

I've watched a really, really, great documentary this last week and I was moved to share them with you via my blog.  The first one I want to chat about is all about Trees.  Amazing. You'll find it on Amazon Prime.  It's called Intelligent Trees.  Here is the link 

I learned so much about how they are all connected in the forest through their root systems, even mushrooms help connect them.  It speaks of how they communicate and warn other trees of bugs and predators so they can rev up chemicals to combat them. They send messages through their root systems almost instantly.  It speaks of "mother trees" who are older and encompass a community of other trees and nurture them through their roots.  It speaks of how important diversity is in our forests.  It shows how two different species of trees will grow next to one another so they can feed each other the nutrients they need to form a truly symbiotic relationship.  It said trees make up over 60% of the chemicals made in the world.  60%.  That is truly impressive.  So, when we are clearing forests and plant just a bunch of the same species we are doing a disservice to the forest.  It needs diversity to stay alive.  Thank God for birds and insects!  

I knew aspen forests were all connected underground through their root system but I had no idea the magnitude of connection with all other trees.  I also figured out why I feels so good when I walk in the forest.  Trees are emitting natural chemicals all the time that calm you down and make you feel good.  I knew it!!!  I could feel it but didn't have the research to back it up.  Wowza.  Mind blowing!  I love mother nature and learning about how it all so magnificently works without a hitch!  Get out into the forest and feel how good you feel!!!!  Share this information with anyone who has anything to do with trees.  Here's what you can do right now to help:  It said to plant as many diverse native trees on your land as possible.  Do it!!!