meg harper arts colorful paintings

Why Bright Colors feel so good

Why am I so attracted to colorful things?  Why does my heart sing when I see this wall of bright colors?  First, think of everything as vibrational energy.  Everything on the planet vibrates at a certain frequency.  You, me, the plants, your dog, even your box of cereal all vibrate at a certain frequency.  When humans vibrate at a high frequency we feel joy and happiness.  "Higher your vibration" is a phrase I am sure you've heard.  Our thoughts, smells, visual, touch, words all add up to our vibrational frequency.  Nature for me raises my frequency!!  Well, it turns out colors have a vibrational frequency too.  Muted tones such as greys and tans have a low vibrational frequency and can calm you while saturated bright colors help to make you feel good.  That's why I choose to use high vibrational colors in my paintings.  Just one of the feel good layers that goes into a Meg Harper original!!!
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