The main reason you have a portrait of your pet painted is to show love and pay tribute to your furry baby.  They give you unconditional love and therefore hold a special place in your world especially when they are no longer by your side.  A pet portrait is the best way to keep the memories of your beloved alive and with you.  You will like being regularly reminded of their love with something you can gaze at every day.

Now capturing the dogs personality, that's another story. Some collectors of mine have said I have a way of capturing their spirit somehow.  It is definitely a skill that is honed over the course of 14 years and over 400 portraits!  I love hearing stories about the animals to get a feel for the portrait being fun, or playful, or more soulful.  My brushstrokes vary and I definitely have a talk with spirit to help guide me before I begin each and every painting.  Here's a recent quote from Nancie in Washington "Hi Meg, I received the portrait.  I absolutely love it.  You are so good!  So happy you are in my life. You create from the heart and that stays forever.  I look forward to keeping in touch with you."

Your Meg Harper portrait will definitely create interest from your family, friends and visitors of your home, especially the ones who knew your fur baby. It's going to be a fun topic to talk about with people.  Conversations like where and how you found Meg Harper, what colors you/she chose, how it feels when you look at it, how it represents your fur baby, etc.  Portraits are great for memorializing the subject and also telling a story.

If Meg Harper were to do your pets portrait, you can expect to get a good story from the image. Meg Harper can easily manage to make your fur baby larger than life. You can send her close ups of whatever feature your want to make sure gets noticed. She loves painting their eyes so make sure you give her a good frontal shot showing the face really well.  She loves getting a feel for where it hangs so take snap shots of the room it's going in, the other paintings on the wall, a rug you want to take colors from, a painting off her website you want to use the colors from.  All of this is going to enhance the personal touch of your Meg Harper portrait.

Meg Harper will take time when creating your masterpiece. If you want to get a great portrait, then you need to anticipate 30 days or more.  She will send photos along the way to make sure you love what she is doing.  It's 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  When YOU love it, she is done : )