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Feb 26, 2020   

Juicy Livin'

Sooooo about 5 years ago Tory and I were introduced to this phrase by our dear friends Wendy and Larry - I have to give them credit for introducing this to Tory and I.  It symbolizes really enjoying your life and carpe diem and let's rock this and you get... Read More

Whenever I get the privilege to get into the forest and be next to huge trees like this one it is an amazing majestic experience.  Trees are so solid and stable, so rooted into the earth, it's no wonder they feel so good to be around.  The wind whispering through... Read More

Jan 22, 2020   

Why Bright Colors feel so good

Why am I so attracted to colorful things?  Why does my heart sing when I see this wall of bright colors?  First, think of everything as vibrational energy.  
When everything just falls in place perfectly you know it's the divine working through us… This lovely lady said she never goes to the 4th Ave. festival in Tucson.  She said she hasn't bought anything there in years.
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